Welcome to The Yew Militia


Short sweet and simple. Break a rule, suffer the consequences. These rules are meant for stupid people and smart people alike. Don't break them.

1. Stay in character at all times in the following chat mediums:

  • Public chat.

You are allowed to use OOC in all other chat/voice mediums such as

  • Clan chat.
  • Party chat.
  • IRC communication.
  • Vent (obviously, we're not camp-fire RPers).

2. You are allowed to use any weapons and armors, however certain divisions may use clothing/uniform/armor sets to distinguish ourselves in the field of battle. This is primarily used to ensure friendly fire is avoided, and we can easily identify each other. Should your division have such requirements you are expected to adhere when possible.

3. Your guild tag must be shown unless it is approved (if such game has tags).

4. Don't be a jerk to other players. There is a line between war and being a dick.

5. Don't bitch. Your gear means nothing. Always reply with an IC response if you are berrated. We are not in the buisness of smack-talk.

For example-"You n3wb you sux! Ima loot yer shiz!"

*the Yewian bleeds from various axe wounds* 

"Ey whudever ya foochun brit', ahma go show yer mother what ah real man be when ah can walk!"


    Disarm loot only. This includes the following:
    • Weapons
    • Reagents
    • Bandages
    • Potions

    Other rules:

    • There are no death timers or death-robe rules.
    • If they are armed, they are fair game.
    • We are not going to enforce "outsider blue" rules. Fight on!

    We also don't care if the ROE Guilds do not return the same respect to you. These are our internal rules and are to be followed, regardless of circumstance. If you become "vigilante" on your own accord and violate our internal rules, you will be punished or dismissed from the guild. Instead of QQ'ing and raging out, contact the officers to communicate with the ROE guilds in question whom you feel have caused you harm and we will deal with it, and do our best to compensate you.