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Yew Militia
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"HUAH EM' MILITIA!!!!!" - Yew Militia war cry.
Founded 2001 with blood' ahn iron.
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UO An Corp cometh

CapnNoc, Jan 30, 14 9:30 PM.

Dark Age of Camelot Reboot

CapnNoc, Jan 27, 14 2:40 AM.
Few of the Yewian troopers have been trying out the latest DAOC free shard that seems quite interesting. If you want to play around with some of us give it a shot!

If anyone else wants to join the little branch we have going, head to:
To coordinate and meet up in-game, add zeke.yew on Skype.


CapnNoc, Oct 17, 12 2:22 AM.
The dark creation was sprung unto the hapless citizens of Arbor! Zeddicus, Ancient One of Undead and Padaxes Dreylock of House Coldiron were graced with the appearance of a mysterious ancient lich. The Necromantic being accepted their fleshling sacrifice days prior and awarded Zeddicus control of a massive Abomination to rampage through the streets of Arbor.

Padaxes called forth the Chaos United alliance to amass their might once again. Aided by the beast sent forth from the Guardian himself, the forces of chaos could know no defeat. Pirates from all over Atria seemed to answer the call along with a contingent or Orcs. The Abomination made it clear, it sought the Tree-of-Life in Arbor.. hidden by Dryad magic for centuries. Destroying the tree would open a rift needed by the Guardian to unleash forces at will.

Meanwhile back in Arbor, Colonel Nocturne was contacted by a strange weed-like creature. Nocturne merely dismissed it as a shrub at first, but clearly this strange creature carried with it a dire warning.

The small Dryad sent warning... something terrifying was coming to Arbor. The Colonel suspected as much, understanding the gravity of Yew Militia's previous failure in stopping the flesh-being days before. The Abominations goal.. to destroy the Tree-of-Life that was now revealed and vulnerable by the dark necromantic power unleashed within Atria. The Dryad asked for the Yew Militias assistance in protecting the Tree. Colonel Nocturne of course complied, being the upstanding citizen he is. The rally was called!

Soon enough, as the Dyad warned the Chaos United forces arrived. At its vanguard... the Abomination, spewing dark magic relentlessly against the citizens of Arbor! Battle was joined the Yew Militia fought tooth and nailed to keep the pirate onslaught at bay.

Initially the Yewians were successfully routed by the Chaos United alliance with the help of the Abomination. The Yew Militia quickly regrouped for another assault... however this baught the Chaos Alliance enough time to attack the tree directly. The Abomination itself torn limbs from the majestic tree gorging itself on its raw power.

The fighting became sporadic, diverging off into the woods and within the city itself. Eventually the Militia were able to sperate the sluggish beast as Chaos United forces fell to divide and conquer guerilla tactics from the Yewians. A mighty cheer went up at the giant monstrosity was slain by the Arbor bank! Unfortunately news drifted in slow from the rear ranks... the Tree-of-Life was slain! The Yew Militia were too late!

The Colonel was forced to bring the bad news to the Dryad... they had failed. Scouts reported the enemy alliance regrouping at the Orc Fort. It was time to head back to combat!

The Dryad sent worth beasts from the wild to aid the Militia in their endeavors.

The initial assault went well but soon hidden forces began their attack! The tide slowly turned in favor of the defenders.

The last Yewian survivors are forced to hole up underneath the main complex. A few more Chaos United were felled but ultimately, Yewians forces were routed.

With the Yewians routed the Chaos United alliance pressed forward, taking the battle to the very steps of the Yew Militia HQ!

Mysterious trees sprung up to staunch the defenders, but to no avail. The Orc contingent saw fit to cut them down, the Yewians bleeding on the stones...

What consequences will Arbor face for failure?

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