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Yew Militia
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Poor Milita Fund    

Your donation will go towards Yew in need of game copies, accounts, vent, ect... help a Yewian out!
"HUAH EM' MILITIA!!!!!" - Yew Militia war cry.
Founded 2001 with blood' ahn iron.
Militia News    
News Archives
(read)UO An Corp cometh
(read)Dark Age of Camelot Reboot
(read)Arbor DEFILED!
(read)The Undead..victorious!
(read)Pirates! Coldirons! Orcs! A battle report for Rel por.
(read)House Coldiron reveals itself.
(read)Darkfall 2.
(read)The Militia in Full Force!! by Kenny Nelson
(read)Weekly Mandatory Rally, moved!
(read)Rel Por Activity update
(read)Rel Por server launch... Militia breaks it open yet again!
(read)THE FIGHT FER YEW 5/15/2012
(read)Pictures are worth a thousand words
(read)Wedding Bells
(read)An Illness in Despise...
(read)Darkfall free weekend. Super loot and skillgains.
(read)Militia Docks Accquired!
(read)Scouting House Stengard
(read)R.I.P. Robert, proud soldier of the Yew Militia
(read)Incarceration of Commander Coldiron!
(read)Order must reign again...
(read)A Report found and submitted by Matthias Murdoc
(read)Yew Dealt a Crushing Blow
(read)Undead Dared To Come In The Abbey?! - IPY
(read)The Horde Threat (7/21/2011; Hybrid)
(read)Field Report: 2011.05.31 - Adventure of Deceit
(read)Militia Field Report 6/05/2011
(read)Order crushes its opposition!
(read)Show our STRENGTH Militia! Now is the time to show our HEART!
(read)Yew Militia Battle Report 5/01/2011
(read)Yew Joins Order in Alliance with Britain!
(read)Yew Vent
(read)Militia Report 3/22/2011
(read)DF Weapon Contest entry
(read)In Por Ylem Primary Report
(read)Darkfall Yew Militia meeting; huge fun!
(read)DF Branch Call to Arms tonight
(read)DF News relating to FB
(read)Rare medal awarded; Captain Kenny Nelson
(read)Rift Online Branch
(read)General updates across the board!
(read)Good luck in the after-life comrade.
(read)UO: Revelations, a battle report!
(read)UO Saviour EXCLUSIVE!
(read)Certifications are back (finnally)!
(read)Respect your UO heritage!
(read)Darkfall Journals: Volume Three
(read)Medals awarded to Yewian Officers!
(read)Darkfall Journals: Volume Two
(read)UO Angel Island Tavern update
(read)Darkfall Journals: Volume One
(read)General Crindle's clips from the frontlines.
(read)Darkfall Militia, NEW DEPLOYMENT!!!!
(read)Angel Island Weekly Rally
(read)Angel Island Battle Report
(read)New IRC for those who didn't notice;
(read)Supreme General Altogether Andrews is er'bye officially awarded the Militia Crown
(read)HUAH EM MILITIA! Good ol' fashioned Ork clompin'!
(read)EU-1 Yew on the roll in newly re-aquired Frostbourne!
(read)General Crindle finnall delivers a great PvP video for us!
(read)EU-1 Yew Militia takes out the Kraken!
(read)Yew Marching Cadence
(read)S. General Andrews makes a new Recruitment vid!
(read)IRC DNS Change
(read)Transfer details laid out!
(read)Yew Militia EU-1 branch will be formed at Transfer day!
(read)Yew visits the blackhand.
(read)Yewbs on ah boat!
(read)Noc does Podcasts?
(read)Yew Militia Recruitment Video
(read)Militia Report 1, Darkfall
(read)Weekly Report
(read)11th siege
(read)New Engineer Certs made!
(read)Huah Mine!
(read)Certs and Medals updated
(read)Few new medals huah.
(read)Yew-Town Pictures (before it's razed!)
(read)First siege of Yew, medals awarded!
(read)New Law declared 3/16/09
(read)Resource Certs awarded
(read)Officer appointments for The Yew Militia
(read)New Darkfall Cert added
(read)NEW! Secret Darkfall screenshot revealed!
(read)Roster Updates and YOU!
(read)Militia rally for the New Year
(read)Darkfall Launch Date Announced!!!
(read)Screenshot update
(read)New Darkfall "Beta Quotes"
(read)Hybrid UO, Yew Militia re-launch
(read)Latest 30 min DF video New
(read)New Darkfall News
(read)Yea that's right T-REX!
(read)Detailed Darkfall vids
(read)Darkfall Beta has started
(read)Preparing for Darkfall!
(read)12th Patrol posted
(read)Nemedian Legion on Patrol, report 11
(read)Recruitment!!!!! FOR GLORIOUS NEMEDIA!!
(read)Hyborian Surgery
(read)Yew's own plot of land...
(read)Bane Report
(read)Pentegram in Yew, removed!
(read)Skara Brae saved!
(read)Wedding rescheduled!
(read)Death Pays A Visit
(read)Kreios's Possesion
(read)HUAH YEW! Conquers all!
(read)Public Yewian Service Announcement!
(read)CTF and a Seer Event
(read)News updates
(read)A dark omen delivered
(read)Activity update: Yew Town!
(read)9 Steps to a successful soldier
(read)Orc Raid/Dragon Hunt!
(read)Orc Run/ Trainin!
(read)Hunts! Huah!
(read)UOGamers: Divinity Enlistment!
(read)Hail! [Divinity]
(read)Meeting [26th Dec. 07] [AI]
(read)Orc sneak attack at Orc Fort [AI]
(read)Noxus nominated new Captain of Yew [AI]
(read)OSS Alliance Revived [AI]
(read)Har nothing like good old meat after watching enlist train! [AI]
(read)Yew Militia Reborn [AI News]
(read)Screenshot update!
(read)Halloween Event
(read)Taking Step Forward
(read)Yew Declared Independent
(read)Dedication Video for Noc
(read)Silver Star award ceremony.
(read)RPV of Yewian Champion Spawn attempt
(read)Third fragment of the Avatar's Sword recovered.
(read)The Avatar's Sword Fragment RECOVERED!
(read)Part 1 of the Avatar's sword quest
(read)Changes to Order mage ranking
(read)Last and Final Eronia campaign battle
(read)Some Eronia Campaign movies
(read)Militia Rally reports
(read)Account purge
(read)Yew Militia attack the fort, little success!
(read)Hybrid- Evil Island... threatless?
(read)Hybrid Orc Fort Attack
(read)AI Orc Fort attack
(read)Angel Island Fight Night
(read)Yew Militia Deployed
(read)Elves declare war!
(read)Updates, Events
(read)First Monkly mission from the abbey
(read)Total War!!
(read)Sgt Olaf defeats Nunug of Bloodclan!
(read)Mayor of Yew "The Cure" event
(read)Orc Fort assaulted by Militia...then native orcs!
(read)Yew Militia CTF RPV
(read)Yew Tavern opening and CoE event
(read)The Mayor of Yew event
(read)Weekly report
(read)Yew Militia Caravan, Orcs and a new Ally
(read)Dungeon Hunting Expedition
(read)New props for the guard post!
(read)Recent reports from the front-lines
(read)Goliath Fortress attacked!
(read)Yew Militia, first battle report from the Hybrid front!
(read)New server New location
(read)Some screenshot updates of activity
(read)HUAH YEW, again
(read)Militia revival
(read)Order of Sigmar under contract
(read)Fort battle report
(read)Blackrock Clan orcs engaged at Cove
(read)Occlo Fight Night
(read)A severe taunting!
(read)Orc bashing at its best!
(read)Hey changing again..woot
(read)And so it came to pass..
(read)Undead Siege Castle event.
(read)March 1st, Militia officially called back to active duty.
(read)Razor video of first fight night.
(read)Yew shuts down wrong!
(read)Lord Blackthorne visits Yew with dire news!
(read)Wargoth Fest
(read)Occlo seige
(read)Santa visits the Shadowclan Orcs!
(read)Massive Battle at Wrong
(read)Huah Militia! Division Tourney night
(read)Nox host individual combat certs on Riverrun Tower.
(read)Chicken battle Follow-Up
(read)Compassion Desert event & Wargoth event
(read)Yew forces halted at Necropolis!
(read)Largest epic event held by players alone..a huge success!
(read)Yew Militia, Treasure Hunt run
(read)Fort raid, meeting, and KV attack!
(read)Updated Razor Videos
(read)Allied forces rally day 2, and team practice games.
(read)Allied forces take fort!
(read)Vesper Chest event
(read)Latest weekly meeting, good turnout!
(read)Recruitment video
(read)Yew forces take and hold fort! For awhile...
(read)Angel Island Seer event for Halloween
(read)Tavern night and Weekly meeting
(read)Medals and Awards section
(read)Orcs and Undead invade!
(read)New ranks, certification program launched
(read)Trouble in the crypts.
(read)Website up, Razor vid uploaded.

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