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Yew Militia
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CapnNoc (Legendary) 12/23/2009 6:05 PM EST : Darkfall Guild Laws
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Short sweet and simple. Break a rule, suffer the consequences. These rules are meant for stupid people and smart people alike. Don't break them.

1. Stay in character at all times in the following chat mediums:

  • Public chat commands (like /say).
  • Race and Race alliance chats.

You are allowed to use OOC in all other chat/voice mediums. RP in these mediums is optional and encouraged.

  • Clan Alliance (we are allied to non-Rpers who request we not RP in their chat).
  • Clan chat.
  • Party chat.
  • Private tells.
  • IRC communication.
  • Vent (obviously, we're not camp-fire RPers).

2. Don't be a jerk to other players. There is a line between war and being a dick.

3. Don't bitch. Your gear means nothing. Always reply with an IC response if you are berrated. We are not in the buisness of smack-talk.

For example-"You n3wb you sux! Ima loot yer shiz!"

*the Yewian bleeds from variouse axe wounds* 

"Ey whudever ya foochun brit', ahma go show yer mother what ah real man be when ah can walk!

<@SekMorag> Anubis is oped now eh?

<@Anubis[Yew]> Thats Captain Anubis to you son


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