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Yew Militia
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CapnNoc (Legendary) 12/23/2009 6:10 PM EST : Ranks and Promotions
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The Rank System in Darkfall:

Officer ranks:
Supreme General

Ranger Division ranks:

Core Division ranks:

This Rank, Promotions, and Certifications guideline is set up to suit the atmosphere of Darkfall Online. It is designed to be a guide for players entering Yew Militia. The idea behind this system is not to force all members into the hybrid playstyle, as it would suggest by initial observation, but however, to Open Up each recruit's characters to all the options and spells that can be used. We promote unique playstyles of melee, magic, support, and stealth tactics in the end game, once each player in the clan has developed the ability to use all of the skills that help in group combat situations. 

We require all members to have on hand the ability to use spells like wall of force, AoE's, buff others, and r90 nukes in case we lack the players who usually tend to have that playstyle. Should BuffBot Bobby not be logged in, it might be necessary to have Melee Max jump out of their typical playstyle for a minute to fill in that role, and we'd rather them have those abilities than to have never developed them in the first place. 

Footman Division:

You Must Submit a request for Promotion in the Promotions Request Forum on the Website in order to be considered for a Promotion!


-Lesser Magic to 70
    -Application to Yew Militia in game and on Website
    -Introductory post in Darkfall Public forum section
    -Human, Elf, or Dwarf race

-Read The Thread For New Yew Recruits

Skill Requirements:
-Melee two handed weapon at 50 or greater
    -Whirlwind purchased
    -Knockback purchased
    -Power attack Purchased
-Archery at 50 or greater
-Lesser Magic to 70
    -Stamina to Health purchased
    -Mana to Stamina purchased
    -Health to Mana purchased
    -Launch to 25
-Greater Magic to 25
    -Heal Other purchased
    -Unburden Purchased
    -Infliction Shield Purchased
-Spell Chanting purchased
    -Adept Purchased
-Witchcraft Purchased

Other Requirements:
-Minimum 1 week as recruit for evaluation.
-Submit promotion request in appropriate forum

Acces Granted to deposit items into the clan vault.


Skill Requirements:
-Greater Magic to 50
    -Infliction Ward purchased
-Water Magic Purchased
-Earth Magic Purchased
    -Brawn Purchased
-Fire Magic Purchased
    -Impetus Purchased
-Air Magic Purchased
    -Agility Purchased
    -Arrow Shield Purchased
-Spell Chanting to 30
    -Sacrifice Purchased
    -Hymn of Might Purchased

Certification Requirements:
-Basic Combat Cert I

Other Requirements:
-Minimum 1 week as private for evaluation.
-Submit promotion request in appropriate forum

Footman 3rd Class: 

Skill Requirements:
-Witchcraft to 75
    -Needles Purchased
    -Insect Swarm Purchased
    -Tongue Rot Purchased
    -Witches Brew Purchased
-Necromancy Purchased
    -Infernal Shield Purchased
-2 Hand Melee to 80
    -Disabling Blow Purchased
    -Mastery Purchased
-Archery to 80
    -Sharshooter Purchased
    -Veteran Archer Purchased
    -Disabling Shot Purchased

Certification Requirements: 
-Basic Combat Certification II

Other Requirements:
-Minimum 1 week as corporal for evaluation.
-Submit promotion request in appropriate forum

Gains access to see into clan vault.

Footman 2nd Class:

Skill Requirements: 
-Greater Magic to 90
    -Shrapnel Purchased
    -Begone Purchased
-Spell Chanting to 75
    -Hymn of Vigor Purchased
-Arcane Magic Purchased
    -Hasten Spells Purchased
-Air Magic to 70
    -Stormblast Purchased
    -Come Hither Purchased
    -Arrow Ward Purchased
    -Lightning Shield Purchased
-Fire Magic to 75
    -Fire Shield Purchased
    -Fireball Purchased
    -Haste Purchased
    -Magma Storm Purchased
    -Rapid Shot Purchased
-Water Magic to 25
    -Cold Shield Purchased
-Earth Magic to 50
    -Acid Shield Purchased
    -Impale Purchased
    -Stoneskin Purchased

Certification Requirements:
-Basic Combat Certification III

Other Requirements:
-Minimum 1 week as Sergeant for evaluation.
-Submit promotion request in appropriate forum

Footman 1st Class:
-Only available to outstanding Militia members.
-First officer rank in Yew Militia. Captains gain the responsibility for the well-fare of their clan, and must participate in important decisions regarding the future of the clan on a weekly basis. Captains are expected to lead clan events regularly and be there for the preceeding ranks in the Yew Militia. 

Skill Requirements:
-Greater Magic to 100
    -Confusion Purchased
    -Infliction Ward to 25
-Arcane Magic to 50
    -Wall of Force Purchased
Air Magic:
    -Arrow Ward to 25
-Earth Magic to 80
    -Ironskin to 25
    -Pungeant Mist Purchased
Fire Magic:
    -Haste to 25
    -Ranged Haste to 25
    -Fireball to 50
    -Magma Storm to 50
-Melee 2 Hand Weapon Mastery to 50
-Sharpshooter to 50

-One Field AoE spell to 50 (Wall of Fire, Toxic Rain, Acid Rain, Volcano, etc)
-One Spell School to 100 with r90 nuke Purchased (Inferno, Virtuous Wrath, Unholy Flames, Exploding Charge, etc.)

Other Requirements:
-Minimum 1 month as Lieutenant for evaluation.
-Submit promotion request in appropriate forum
-Requires majority vote by senior Militia soldiers conducted over a one week period.

Gains access to see into, deposit, and withdraw from the clan vault.

Elite Divisions: Rangers.
The Rangers of Yew are steeped in a great history of dedicated and impressive service and form the intel division of the Militia forces. Rangers are experts at warfare and surprise, often relying on stealth first and foremost to approach enemy positions and springing ambushes to guarantee victory. Most Rangers are indeed master archers but high-end magery skills work just as well to deal death from afar. When called for recon forces, Ranger qualified soldiers are picked first from the rally and are expected to survive enemy encounters while getting the information the main forces need. Ranger regimes also group together to perform more daunting tasks in war such as a rear assault or a diversionary tactic.

Current Active Ranger Roster:
-Master Larking
-Raeyzej Talset
-Griz Graastein (cub)

-Mallory Knox (cub)


Lesser Magic:
    -Heal Self to 50
    -Stamina to Health to 50
    -Health to Mana to 50
    -Mana to Stamina to 50
Greater Magic:
    -Confusion to 50
    -Begone to 50
    -Heal Other to 50
    -Witches Brew to 25
    -Insect Swarm to 25
Arcane Magic:
    -Spell Haste to 25
    -Wall of Force to 50
-Necromancy to 50
Fire Magic:
    -Impetus to 25
Air Magic:
    -Come Hither to 25
    -Stormblast to 50
    -Arrow Shield to 25
Earth Magic:
    -Impale to 50
    -Stoneskin to 25
    -Pungeant Mist to 25
-Water Magic to 50
-One Of these schools to 100 with TWO r90 nuke purchased and skilled to 50
    -(Inferno, Exploding Charge, Unholy Flames, Virtuous Wrath, Blizzard)
    -TWO Field AoE spell (Toxic Rain, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Acid Rain, etc) to 50
-Advanced Combat Cert I
-Advanced Combat Cert II


-One Elemental School (or Arcane or Necromancy) Intensify to 50
-Two Elemental Schools (or Arcane or Necromancy) to 100
Lesser Magic:
    -Stamina to Health to 75
    -Health to Mana to 75
    -Mana to Stamina to 75
    -Heal Self to 75
Greater Magic:
    -Confusion to 75
    -Inflicting Ward to 50
    -Witches Brew to 50
    -Insect Swarm to 50
-Necromancy to 90
    -Eye Rot to 50
-Arcane Magic to 100
    -Spell Reflect Purchased
    -Spell Haste to 50
Fire Magic:
    -Fireball to 75
    -Magma Storm to 75
    -Impetus to 50
    -Haste to 50
    -Ranged Haste to 50
Air Magic:
    -Come Hither to 50
    -Stormblast to 75
    -Arrow Ward to 50 (the buff other version)
    -Arrow Shield to 50
Earth Magic:
    -Ironskin to 50
    -Impale to 75
    -Stoneskin to 50
    -Pungeant Mist to 50
-TWO r90 nuke to 75
-TWO Field AoE spell (Toxic Rain, Ice Storm, Wall of Fire, Acid Rain, etc) to 75
-Advanced Combat Cert III

Dragoon and Ranger divisions may only recruit Footman 1st grade soldiers.


Basic Combat Cert I:
Shows the basic concepts of maneuverability in 1 to 1 combat. Does not stop moving to switch weapons. Does not chase the target with a melee weapon when not in melee range (switches to range form of attack or transfers). Does not sit in ranged form of attack when being melee'd by the opponent (switches back to melee). Uses Transfers and Heal spells effectiveley when not in melee and when not having the enemy stickyback them.

Basic Combat Cert II:
Effective accuracy in combat with bow and arrow as well as basic r50 spell of choice. Understands how to different ranged attack types like a bow, r50 spells, and ray spells. Can accurately aim heal other spells like Heal Other and Sacrifice. 

Basic Combat Cert III:
Understands how spells like Shrapnel, Begone, and Stormblast work. Can use them effectively enough to outrun a regular mount type and get over obstacles.

Advanced Combat Cert I:
Solo combat evaluation for Ranger Division. Withstands solo combat with another Ranger “well enough”. Very effective at transferring spells, heals, and blinds to maintain the advantage in a fight. Uses control spells like fireball, magma storm, and inferno effectively and accurately to control the opponents movement. Uses Ray spells effectively to control the battlefield (impale, Pungeant Mist, Insect Swarm).

Knows how to use stormblast, begone, and shrapnel effectively.

Advanced Combat Cert II:
Group combat evaluation for Ranger Division. Effective team combatant. Follows orders given on the field of battle well; effectively syncs nukes on targets, effectively lands AoE spells in target areas, call when a confusion is thrown as to not blind allows, cross heals team members effectively, focuses on one target well with the rest of the team, knows the protocol to survive a wall of force spell, and maintains excellent aim with spells/bowshots.

Advanced Combat Cert III:
Ability to do everything in Combat Evaluation II but at the same time remaining conscious of the battlefield as a whole in an effective enough manner to lead the group on successful raids and operations. Knows when to make the call to push. Knows when to make the call to retreat. Always plans the battle ahead with a viable escape plan regarding the terrain and directions for begone jumps.  

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