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CapnNoc (Legendary) 12/23/2009 6:22 PM EST : Darkfall Vault System
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Vault rules for NA-1:

All weapons, armor, and mounts in the clan vault are for the use of all Yew Soldiers. There is no charge on general items within the clan vault, just don't be greedy. 

All resources within the clan vault are for the use of clan craftsmen to keep the supplies of weapons, armor, and mounts up. They are not for personal use.

All items in the Naval and Siege equipment bag are for just that, Naval events and Sieges. 

Enchanting materials are for the use of the clan enchanters primarily and can be bought from the clan bank at reasonable prices below market price. They are a way members can donate their materials to the clan and see them generate a profit for the clan to use for other expenses.

All items in any bag labelled "Militia Market" are NOT free. These items are for sale by the Militia Market program at material value. The goal of the Militia Market is to supply higher end, hard to get, and already crafted items to clan members for either the mats to make that item, or the gold-cost equivalent. This makes it easier for members to supply themselves with rank 50 weapons, blood-crafted armor, and specialized enchanting packages. Soldiers will waste less time hunting down these materials themselves, and then finding the appropriate craftsman to craft them. 

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