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CapnNoc (Legendary) 9/14/2010 2:39 PM EST : Certifications for Yew Militia, Darkfall
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CERTIFICATIONS: Darkfall Online Branch

Rank Badges:

Once being promoted for rank, soldiers earn these badges for identification. Due to the ever evolving branch options and rank descriptions, these are rather generic, but ultimately, signify level advancement for any game or branch of Yew Militia. Every soldier earns a Recruit Badge once he has made a new character and added it to the roster. The first cert/medal of many to come!

Accepted Recruit Badge.

Sergeant Ranked Badge.

Junior Officer Badge.

Officer Badge.

Resource Certifications:
Progressive awards for continuous donations and supplies given to the Militia operation. Each branch will have it's own system of awarding resource certifications.

Resource A Certification:

Resource B Certification:

Resource C Certification:

Armor 1 Certification:
The soldier has shown his aptitude for supplying the Militia with arms and armors.

Finance 1 Certification:
The soldier has shown his aptitude for maintaining active stocks in the vault and keeping organization with supplies.

Combat Healer Specialist Certifications (Crosshealing):

Administered by Sergeants or Commanding Officers. Crosshealing is the backbone of the Militia. All Militia members will be expected to crossheal as second nature. Strength in Unity, Unity in the Core.

Crosshealing 1 Certification:
Basic Crosshealing. Recruit will be expected to keep a partner healed amidst a barrage of attackers during a drill situation.

Crosshealing 2 Certification:
Individual will be expected to work in a group of at least three in a drill situation. The group will be subject to various attacks.

Advanced Crosshealing Certification:
Individual has proven his ability to crossheal in a field situation. He understands how vital a skill it is, and that crosshealing should be ones first instinct in any operation. Come together, do not move, heal your mates, survive.

Formations Specialist Certifications:
Testing of basic organization and ability to form on command.

Formations 1 Certification:
Administered by NCO or Officer staff, or any persons dedicated for training regimes.

Single line: Militia will form quickly and cleanly. Line will be organized as follows: Left to right facing commanding officer: ordered by highest to lowest rank.

Double Line: Two even lines are formed, shortest races filling the first rank.

Double Column/Single Column: Form a column. a column is like the opposite of a line. Instead of facing the broad side of the line, You instead face an end of the line. You form it facing the leader.

Skirmish: Militia forces break into 6 feet spacing to avoid incoming AOE fire and engage the enemy as a loose formation.

Box Formation: An evenly distributed box formation. 2x2, 3x3 etc.

Combat Formation: Melee oriented fighters (IE Destroyer and soldiers with heavy resistances) advance ahead of the main group to absorb incoming fire while rear ranks provide covering support/healing/buffing as the group advances.

Formations 2 Certification: Administered by Division Sergeant or Officer (Field)

Individual has passed Formations 1. Formations 2 will be the same orders, executed in a field/live combat situation. Individual must execute required commands quickly and cleanly, demonstrating the discipline and orderly awareness necessary for a successful field operation (mainly demonstrating the basic combat formation application).

Basic Orders Certifications:
These are to help train the Militia in discipline and reaction speed. It's not very often that you'll be asked to march, but nonetheless, you'll have to learn how.

Basic Orders 2 Certification: (Darkfall soldiers are exempt from B.O. 1)

Attention!- All Militia will face towards the speaker. They are to stand ONE PACE in front of the caller.

Sound Off!- All Soldiers say their rank THEN name out loud. (IE: CAPTAIN, VEIS DRIANCE)

Right/Left/About Face- These are the tricky ones. When ordered, you are to face the direction specified. So if you are facing north, and you are told to do Right Face, you turn east. If left face, you turn west. It's all relative to your character, not the player.

Single line- One line facing towards the formation leader, one pace in front.

Form [Formation]- Militia soldiers adopt the new called formation.

Salute to the Front!- All soldiers salute to the front.

Parade Arms!- All men are to equip a shield and one handed weapon for display.

Ready Arms!- Go into warmode.
 (Arm your weapon)

Forward March!- The formation will move as a whole in the specified direction, moving at the same speed.

March!- You follow the leader at a walk, always staying behind him!

Forced March to [Location]- You sprint to the location, and form up upon arriving.

March at the Double!- You follow the leader at a run, keeping behind him

. Speed is more important here than maintaining formations.

Rearguard!- You tell a man to be rearguard, and he is responsible for staying in the rear of the group on the march, making sure people don't fall behind.

Halt!- Stop marchin'.

Take Cover- All men scatter and take cover.

Ranged- Arm ranged weapons, be it archery or staffs. Only adopt melee stance if engaged in direct combat. This is mainly used to mass fire at at targets with ranged attacks.

Ambush- All men scatter, take out ranged weapons and hide.

At Ease- All men relax. Use emotes such as *leans on weapon* *Relaxes stance* *stands loosely*, May shift their position in line, such as turning, and may speak freely.

Corpsman!- Use this to call out for aid when you are wounded and are in need of healing/buffing.

Combat Certifications:

A less defined, yet nonetheless important certification. Sergeants and Officers will evaluate a soldiers ability to follow orders, stay alive, and show proficieny in combat roles using available forms of warfare available to them.

Basic Combat 1 Certification:
Shows the basic concepts of maneuverability in 1 to 1 combat. Does not stop moving to switch weapons. Does not chase the target with a melee weapon when not in melee range (switches to range form of attack or transfers). Does not sit in ranged form of attack when being melee'd by the opponent (switches back to melee). Uses Transfers and Heal spells effectiveley when not in melee and when not having the enemy stickyback them.

Basic Combat 2 Certification:
Effective accuracy in combat with bow and arrow as well as basic r50 spell of choice. Understands how to different ranged attack types like a bow, r50 spells, and ray spells. Can accurately aim heal other spells like Heal Other and Sacrifice.

Basic Combat 3 Certification:
Understands how spells like Shrapnel, Begone, and Stormblast work. Can use them effectively enough to outrun a regular mount type and get over obstacles.

Advanced Combat 1 Certification:
Solo combat evaluation for Ranger Division. Withstands solo combat with another Ranger “well enough”. Very effective at transferring spells, heals, and blinds to maintain the advantage in a fight. Uses control spells like fireball, magma storm, and inferno effectively and accurately to control the opponents movement. Uses Ray spells effectively to control the battlefield (impale, Pungeant Mist, Insect Swarm).

Knows how to use stormblast, begone, and shrapnel effectively.

Advanced Combat 2 Certification:
Group combat evaluation for Ranger Division. Effective team combatant. Follows orders given on the field of battle well; effectively syncs nukes on targets, effectively lands AoE spells in target areas, call when a confusion is thrown as to not blind allows, cross heals team members effectively, focuses on one target well with the rest of the team, knows the protocol to survive a wall of force spell, and maintains excellent aim with spells/bowshots.

Advanced Combat 3 Certification:
Ability to do everything in Combat Evaluation II but at the same time remaining conscious of the battlefield as a whole in an effective enough manner to lead the group on successful raids and operations. Knows when to make the call to push. Knows when to make the call to retreat. Always plans the battle ahead with a viable escape plan regarding the terrain and directions for begone jumps. 

Mounted Combat 1 Certification:
The soldier has proven very skilled in the art of mounted combat, with sufficient one-handed weapon skills and proven knowledge of how to fight whilst mounted.

General Certifications:

Self Sacrafice Certification:
The soldier has proven his worth by sacraficing his very life so that other Militia soldiers may carry on the operation, be it to plant a siege stone, flee the area, or create a diversion.

Stealth Certification:
The soldier has proven his ability to run recon missions un-noticed and report back safely.

Cowards Certification:
The soldier has proven his ability to run. Away from things, and/or refusing to accept a duel for the Imric Rites battle ladder.

Drill Command Certifications:
Required for acceptance into Veteran and NCO ranks of the Militia.

Drill Command 1 Certification:
Individual will lead soldiers in basic drills. Knowledge of formations, orders, tactics and organization will be analyzed by Sergeants and Officers.

Drill Command 2 Certification:
Consistent leadership. Individual will take the initiative to organize and run basic drilling when Sergeants or Officers are occupied or not present. Will assist in making sure that lower ranking Militia get their basic training and certifications.

Field Command Certifications:
Required for acceptance into Veteran and NCO ranks of the Militia.

Field Command 1 Certification:
Individual has successfully lead a live combat operation. His leadership has lead to the successful completion of a given task, leading at least two lower ranked division members.

Field Command 2 Certification:
Consistent leadership. Individual will take the initiative to organize and run basic drilling when Sergeants or Officers are occupied or not present. Will assist in making sure that lower ranking Militia get their basic training and certifications.

Field Command 3 Certification:
Consistent leadership. Individual will take the initiative to organize and run basic drilling when Sergeants or Officers are occupied or not present. Will assist in making sure that lower ranking Militia get their basic training and certifications.


Darkfall Event Certifications:
Awarded to Militia soldiers attending wars, battles, epic hunts or RP storyline driven events.


Awarded to Militia soldiers having slain the traitor "Shiva" aka Temko Firewing during the 3rd Frostbourne siege (and subsequently after if you happen to find or his alts)

Darkfall EU-1: Red-Dragon Slaying Cert.


Darkfall EU-1: Aiding the Ul'Tannek Family Cert.

Darkfall: Beta Attendance Cert.

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