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CapnNoc (Legendary) 2/19/2010 3:27 PM EST : Yew Militia Order Division Information
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Yew Militia

ORDER Division



Mission Statement:

To be in the Order is to understand all aspects of the battlefield.

The Order is the branch of soldiers that supports our metal clad warriors in the field of battle.  We utilize a wide variety of tactics and spells to gain the advantage over our adversaries.  If you enjoy dealing mass damage and lifesaving heals while our tanks bash our enemies’ faces, The Order is for you!

 Requirements and Recommended Skill:


-Evaluating Intelligence

-Magic Resist

Ranking Structure (Lowest to Highest):

Cadet: Newest member of the Yew Militia. The cadet will be issued standard equipment and expected to follow all orders with unquestioned discipline. They are the lowest of the low, and should strive to impress their superiors with dedication and selfless contribution to the guild. After serving as an cadet, the soldier will be given their choice of a division to join.

Requirements: Filling out an application on the website, Being approved by an officer

Uniform All Leather Armor (Brown), Cap (Dark Grey), Tunic (Dark Grey), Boots (Dark grey)

Initiate:  You have been accepted into the ranks of the Order due to your devotion to the Militia. The soldier is working hard towards becoming a worthy opponent in the field.  This is the beginning of your journey to becoming a renowned caster within the ranks of the Yew Militia.

Requirements:  Sponsorship from one member in the Order of Mystic rank or higher

Uniform All Leather Armor (Brown), Wizard's Hat (Grey), Doublet(Grey), Kilt (Grey) Boots (Grey

Acolyte: The soldier has demonstrated more dedication to Yew and the division by maintaining more activity and showing growth in their roleplaying ability. Basic orders and commands are now second nature and the soldier is working hard towards becoming a worthy opponent in the field. Spells should focus on a more defensive aspect and try to learn how to properly defend in any given combat environment.

Requirements: Formations 1, Crossheal 1, Resource 1,  Orders 1,

Uniform:  All Leather Armor (Brown), Wizard's Hat (Dark Red), Doublet (Dark Red), Kilt (Dark Red) Half Apron (Dark Red),  Boots (Dark red)

Mystic: The soldier begins demonstrating their magical affinity by using more offensive spell combinations and learn how to combat enemies both individually and in a group. Your roleplaying ability should be top-notch at this point in your Yew Order career and carry out orders with ease and precision.

Requirements: Ambush 1, Formations 2, Crossheal 2, Resource 2, Combat 1, Individual Combat 1, Assault 1, Defense 1,  Advanced Orders, 

All Leather Armor (Brown), Wizard's Hat (Arbor Green), Doublet (Arbor Green), Half Apron (Arbor Green),  Boots (Arbor Green)

Arcanist: The caster has proven themselves worthy in the field of battle. Reliability and unquestionable discipline have paved the path to your success. The caster is granted the Arbor Green robe to signify his rank as a full-fledged Arcanist. He will help train lower ranking members of the Order and is granted authority over them in the absence of a higher ranking soldier.

Requirements:  Resource 3, Crossheal 3, Combat 2, , Evasion 2, Ambush 2, Evasion 1, Coordinated Spellblasting 1

Uniform:  All Leather Armor (Brown), Wizard's Hat (Arbor Green), Robe (Arbor Green), Half Apron (Arbor Green), Boots (Arbor Green)

High Arcanist:  Time and experience have created a force to be reckoned with. The High Arcanist can single handedly turn the tide of battle and assist their brothers in any situation, regardless of the difficulty. He may give orders and lead raids in the absence of a full-time officer. This soldier leads by example and exemplifies everything members of the Order strive to be.

Requirements: Resource 4, Individual Combat 2, Drill 1, Individual Combat 2, Coordinated Spellblasting 2, Self Sacrifice, Loyalty Commendation, Recommendation by Archon

Uniform: All Leather Armor (Brown), Choice of Hat (Navy Blue) or Leather Cap, Robe (Navy Blue), Half Apron (Navy Blue),  Sandals OR Boots (Navy Blue)

Zealot  - (Special Rank - Appointed by Grand Vizier and Archon)
This rank is appointed to those who prove valuable to both the militia as a whole and the Order division itself. The appointee to this rank usually fits a persona of being very eccentric, hot-headed, dedicated, and rambunctious. This rank holds as much power as a High Arcanist, and retains command powers as such, however some prefer to be "lone wolves". A zealot must know justice, as Zealots are the guard force of the Yew Order. They are the punishers of the unjust and are incredibly loyal soldiers of Yew.

Uniform: Determined by the Grand Vizier and Archon

Magus: One of the most powerful spell casters around,The Magus is a battle hardened Veteran who knows the structure and operations of the Yew Militia almost as well as their own magic. The Magus is feared by all, needs no introduction and has very few peers. They train fellow Arcanists in magical arts and militia code and formations. They enforce the chain of command, saluting, and dress code. This is the top non-officer rank and this veteran can be an advisor to the Archon on important issues.         

Requirements: Field Command 1, Drill 2, Recommendation by Archon and Grand Vizier

Uniform: All Leather Armor (Brown), Choice of Hat or Leather Cap (Light Blue), Robe (Light Blue), Half Apron (Navy Blue), Boots (Navy Blue)


Archon:  The Archon is the right hand man to the Division Commander. He holds most of the powers of the Grand Vizier and assumes his position in his absence. The Archon needs training not as he already knows all the virtues through and through. Most times he will not be bothered by Enlisted ranks with questions but will instead instruct his Magus to take care of the issue. The caster is now trusted without question.

Requirements: Position instated by Grand Vizier.

Uniform: Defined by Vizier/Grand Vizier


Grand Vizier:  The Arcanist Division Commander.  These are long-time Veterans of Yew. Upon appointment, the Division Commander is granted a seat on the Royal Yewian Council. They will be granted the authority to weigh in and give counsel in regards to matters of considerable military and political importance. They will be expected to act selflessly, and in the best interest of the City and Citizenry of Yew. They will have the authority to submit promotions and demotions for approval, and will be granted full authority over their divisions. The Division Commander will also have authority over all other military members, but should defer and respect the authority of each Division’s Commander. 

Requirements: Position instated by Council.

Uniform: Defined by Grand Vizier

For those confused about which rank is equivalent to core ranks, here's a convenient table for you!
Initiate Watchman
Acolyte Footman
Mystic Militia 3rd
Arcanist Militia 2nd
High Arcanist
Militia 1st
Magus Sergeant
First Sergeant
Grand Vizier
Division Commander

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