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CapnNoc (Legendary) 2/19/2010 3:35 PM EST : Yew Militia Ranger Division Information
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Ranger Division:

Mission Statement:
To be a Ranger takes fierce dedication to your division. You forfeit the comfort of heavy protection in order to move with the shadows. You are the eyes and ears of the Militia. You will be expected to risk your life by prowling undetected through dangerous territory and gathering intelligence for your brethren. Rangers are trained to be the masters of ambush, to blend in with their environment and lay in wait, supporting the Coremen with a barrage of arrows when the sounds of battle break out. Timing, patience, and deadly accuracy are key.

Warning: This is not a division for the weak or lazy!


Required Skills(see ranks for exceptions):
- Hiding
- Stealth
-Magery is not allowed for Rangers

Due to the general bad-assery of stealth on Rel Por, the requirement of archery has been lifted. Rangers may now pursue whatever weapon skill they'd like to.

Uniforms: The Rangers are known to be a wayfaring, ragtag sort of people. While organized on the field, certain ranks are allotted small variations in attire. However, it is important for each rank to follow its uniform guidelines at all times. The specifics are detailed below.

Ranking Structure (lowest to highest):


Recruits are the "trial period" of the Yew Militia. They will be provided with a uniform appropriate for their desired division(Rangers, in this case!). A Recruit must follow the command of the highest superior present regardless of the orders given. This is the most scrutinized rank, as officers will be assessing the Recruit's potential, commitment and overall performance. If proven to be an asset to the Militia through dedication and strong work ethics, the Recruit will be given the opportunity to officially join a division.
They will be granted access to the guild resources after completing the recruit phase.

Requirements: Submit an application on the website, receive officer approval.

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt, plain leather armor, with a leather cap.




As the first legitimate rank, this is where Ranger training truly begins. The Scout must utilize his or her abilities to explore uncharted terrain and perform reconnaissance for fellow divisions. They may also be used as runners, to carry word from one location to another or lead the enemy into an ambush. It is important for a Scout to hone his or her skills and practice stealth, as it is impossible to advance beyond this rank without the latter skill.

Requirements: Formations I, Basic Orders, Crosshealing I, Resource A

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt, , Brown bandana, plain leather armor.




A full fledged Ranger has proven themselves to be a worthy addition to his or her division. They are adept in the areas of combat and reconnaissance. Missions given to them by their superiors have been completed without question, and they have demonstrated the ability to make responsible decisions both on and off the field. They contribute regularly and have been granted authority over Recruits and Scouts when no higher figures are present.


Requirements: Formations II, Basic Orders II, Crosshealing II, Resource B, Combat I, Recon I, Ambush I, Wilderness Survival I, Defense/Assault, Stealth 1,


Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt, green bandana, plain leather armor.



Ranger 1st Class: 

A 1st Class Ranger is a very honored position, one that has earned respect and now demands it. One who holds this rank has shown themselves to be extremely reliable and loyal. He or she strives to provide an example for what their fellow Rangers should be. They take the initiative to participate in Militia activities and may also organize their own hunts, raids and reconnaissance missions. They have memorized the proper formations and orders well enough to instruct others if necessary.

Requirements: Combat II, Advanced Crosshealing, Resource C, Recon II, Ambush II, Wilderness Survival II, Dungeon Hunting, Drill 1, Recon Commendation

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt,  green sash, green bandana, choice of plain or studded leather armor. At this rank, Rangers are allowed to wear the hoods you are able to purchase from the town merchant vendor on Rel Por.



Senior Ranger:

Senior Rangers have seen and endured every type of situation that befalls the Yew Militia. Their battle prowess calls for admiration, and their bravery is as intimidating as it is inspiring. Regardless of the danger that lies ahead, they refuse to turn their backs on their compatriots. The idea of failing to carry out an order never enters their minds, nor do they require disciplinary actions. Their way of life is first nature to them, and they are glad to bestow their wisdom upon others. They know the land intimately and how to survive in it with nothing but the clothes on their backs. This highly respected soldier has voluntarily put their life on the line to ensure the safety of their comrades. If an officer is not present, it is they who take the lead. Must be approved by the Division Commander and the Royal Council.


Requirements: Combat III, Resource D, Field Command 1,  Self Sacrifice, Complete Commander's quest, Recommended by Sergeant, Loyalty Commendation, Battle Commendation

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt, green sash, green bandana/hood, choice of plain or studded leather armor.




A Corporal has climbed through the ranks of his or her division and is now ready to be trained as an official authority figure. The next available officer will take this individual as an understudy and show them what it takes to lead the troops. Despite having proven themselves capable of being true Rangers, they must now prepare for the intense training that is involved to direct the members of multiple divisions. They will be given the task of instructing small groups of soldiers.

Requirements: Field Command 2, Recommendation from the Commander

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, green kilt, green sash, Green Bandana/hood, plain/studded leather armor.




A Sergeant has passed the Junior Officer tests in the eyes of all commissioned officers. He or she has demonstrated constant, fierce loyalty to the city of Yew and its Militia. They take it upon themselves to whip soldiers into shape regardless of which division they come from and are well versed in every aspect of leadership. They are efficient at running drills, enforcing tight formations, administering uniform codes and leading subordinates into battle. They are not friends to their troops, but enforcers, and they possess the strength to uphold such a position. They have the authority to call for rallies and may recommend Certifications to the respected Division Commander. The Sergeant must be approved by the Division Commander and the Yewian Council.

Requirements: Field Command III, Drill 2

Uniform: Undyed or brown boots, , green kilt, green sash, green bandana, studded leather armor.




Division Commander:

The commanding officer of their division. These are long-time Veterans of Yew. Upon appointment, the Division Commander is granted a seat on the Royal Yewian Council. They will be granted the authority to weigh in and give counsel in regards to matters of considerable military and political importance. They will be expected to act selflessly, and in the best interest of the City and Citizenry of Yew. They will have the authority to submit promotions and demotions for approval, and will be granted full authority over their divisions. The Division Commander will also have authority over all other military members, but should defer and respect the authority of each Division’s Commander.


Requirements: Position Enstated by Council.

Uniform: Defined by Commander.


Saluting: You will salute the highest ranking officer present. Make sure you salute him before he salutes you, as a sign of respect. You do not officially salute any enlisted ranked soldiers (everything up to division commanders), but you may salute higher ranking militia out of respect... it simply is not official of enforced. 

Ex: The Major comes into view, You salute the major. Then a Sergeant comes into view. You do not salute the Sergeant, as that would be disrespectful to the Major if you salute a man of lower rank than he in his presence.

Addressing superiors: Call all Officers by Sir or Ma'am, Sergeants are to be called by their rank. At no time are you to address an Officer or Sergeant by their first name.

Ex for Officer: Sir, Rank (Ex: Commander)

Ex for Sergeant: Sarge, Sergeant, Sergeant (their name) 

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