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CapnNoc (Legendary) 2/19/2010 3:40 PM EST : Yew Militia Core Division Information
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Militia Core Division

Mission Statement:

To be in the Core is to be the muscle of Yew.

The Core Division is the first to the fray and the spearhead of the attack. Hence, it takes good training to gain rank. Coremen are the heavily armored center of any Yewian battle force, and hence form the "Core" of the army (not to be confused with the modern 'Corp' terms). If you enjoy being the first to charge into a nest of Orcs in the fort, or enjoy the fancy art of cross-healing in a solid block of soldiers this is the job for you!

Skill Requirement:

All members of the Core are required to learn the Archery skill and carry a bow or heavy crossbow.

Ranking Structure (lowest to highest)


Newest member of the Yew Militia. The recruit will be issued standard equipment and expected to follow all orders with unquestioned discipline. They are the lowest of the low, and should strive to impress their superiors with dedication and selfless contribution to the guild. After serving as an recruit, the soldier will be given their choice of division to join.
They will be granted access to the guild resources after completing the recruit phase.

Filling out an application on the website. Officer approval.

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Only Ringmail Armor.


The watchman has shown their dedication to the Yewian cause. As he/she partakes of the rank they are to recite the vows of loyalty to the Core and fealty to the Queen. They are granted admission into their chosen division as a grunt. And they have demonstrated basic understanding of battle commands and tactics, and have paid their dues as recruits. They will be allowed to wear chain mail and their choice of plate helm.

Formations 1, Basic Orders, Crosshealing 1, Resource A,

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, NO plate armor.


Soldier has proven their worth. They have demonstrated awareness on the battle field, and followed orders with unquestioned discipline.  The Footman is granted authority over all lower ranking soldiers in the absence of a higher ranking soldier.

Formations 2, Attack/Defend, Crosshealing 2, Resource B, Combat 1, Complete Sergeant’s Quest
Uniform:Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, No Plate Armor.


This is the second step of the Militia phasing process. You already have your foot in the door, now you're following up with the second. They will now have the freedom to have a better armor selection. It is of great honor to be accepted as a official Militiaman and to rank within is to be considered the same. They are admitted to full-time Militia and granted the legendary Militia Sash. You're now a well accepted part of the Militia and should act like it. You can now begin to turn and act example for the soldiers behind you through discipline and respect.

Individual Combat 1, Advanced Crosshealing, Resource C, Ambush, Sergeant’s Quest 2, Dungeon Hunting, Bravery Commendation

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Core Grey Sash, Plate Arms & Gloves with any other Non-Plate metal armor of choice.


A very respected and difficult position to obtain. The soldier will need to have served and have been constantly active, displaying strong battle awareness and leadership potential. The rank is granted when it has been determined that this soldier understands and exemplifies what it is to be a member of the Yew Militia. They instruct and keep grunts in line. They attempt to recruit and spread the glory of Yew. They are able to successfully lead hunts and field operations, and do not require disciplinary actions from their officers. These soldiers will be a most valued asset, and should consider striving for leadership positions.

Militia Mission Completion, Advanced Orders, Resource D, Complete Commander’s Quest, Battle Commendation

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Core Grey Sash, Plate Arms, Gloves, Legs, Gorget with any other non-plate metal armor of choice.


Grizzled and grey, these are the battle hardened, arse-kicking Veterans of Yew. They have served in multiple campaigns and have proven their worth time and again. The rank is only obtained after recommendation from the Division Commander. They are a non-commissioned officer. They will have the authority to give orders and lead raids in the absence of a full-time officer. They should seek to lead by example, on the battlefield and in the streets. They are living, breathing examples of the finest that Yew has to offer, and should carry themselves accordingly. Feared by the recruit and loved by the people, the Militia 1st is a truly legendary soldier.

Individual Combat 2, Self Sacrifice, Combat 3, Ambush 2, Drill 1, Recommendation by First Sergeant, Loyalty Commendation

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Core Grey Sash, Full Plate or any metal armor of choice.


The Sergeant is feared by both hostile and friendly. They are a battle hardened Veteran, who know the structure and operations of the Yew Militia better than they know their own mothers. They have proven themselves to be capable of leading and training their fellow Militia, and have exemplified and demonstrated what Militia should strive to be. They train soldiers, and lead them in battle. They enforce the chain of command, saluting, and dress code. The Sergeant must be recommended by Division Commander and approved by the Yewian Council.

Field Command 2, Recommendation by Commander

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Core Blue Sash, Platemail Arms & Gloves with any other metal armor of choice.

Division Commander

The commanding officer of their division. These are long-time Veterans of Yew. Upon appointment, the Division Commander is granted a seat on the Royal Yewian Council. They will be granted the authority to weigh in and give counsel in regards to matters of considerable military and political importance. They will be expected to act selflessly, and in the best interest of the City and Citizenry of Yew. They will have the authority to submit promotions and demotions for approval, and will be granted full authority over their divisions. The Division Commander will also have authority over all other military members, but should defer and respect the authority of each Division’s Commander.

Position instated by Council.

Core Grey Boots, Core Grey Kilt, Command Red Sash, Designates his own uniform.

Militia Core Discipline


Saluting: You will salute the highest ranking officer present. Make sure you salute him before he salutes you, as a sign of respect. You do not officially salute any enlisted ranked soldiers (everything up to division commanders), but you may salute higher ranking militia out of respect... it simply is not official of enforced.
Example: The Major comes into view, You salute the major. Then a Sergeant comes into view. You do not salute the Sergeant, as that would be disrespectful to the Major if you salute a man of lower rank than he in his presence.
Example: The Core Commander and the Ranger Commander both enter the room you are in, you salute the Commander of your Division. Because he/she is your direct superior, over the other commander.

Addressing Superiors: Call all Officers by Sir or Ma'am, Sergeants are to be called by their rank. At no time are you to address an Officer or Sergeant by their first name.
The Queen is address either by her militia rank or her Royal respects, Ma'am, Your Majesty or Your Grace are acceptable addresses, However all civilians should address her by her Royal Address.
Ex for Officer: Sir, Rank (Ex: Commander)
Ex for Sergeant: Sergeant First Sergeant, Sergeant (their name)

Uniforms: Uniforms should be worn AT ALL TIMES. When in a building, headgear and weapons should be removed, unless you are standing guard.


Single line- Soldiers will fall in according to divisions. All militia core will line next to each other according to rank lowest to the left and highest to the right..
EX: C - Commander / X - Soldiers
        X X X X X X X X X X

Double Line- Soldiers will fall in according to divisions, Iron The front rank shall always be filled, the rear rank will be filled as much as possible, one gap will be acceptable. Militia Core will always take up the front rank, and then leftovers of the division will fall into the rear rank.
EX: C - Commander / X - Soldiers
        X X X X X
        X X X X X

Single Column- All soldiers line up in a single length wise column (opposite of a standard line) facing the commander.
EX: C - Commander / X - Soldiers
Double Column- All soldiers line up in two length wise columns facing the commander.
EX: C - Commander / X - Soldiers
              X X
              X X
              X X
              X X
              X X

Box Formation- Soldiers line up in a four man box, or even man box

EX: C - Commander / X - Soldiers


              X X
              X X

Forming Up- Whenever the Division arrives somewhere, you are to form a single line behind or next to the Division commander or Sergeant. We should NEVER be milling about, thats a job for the Order. we will always be in formation when in preparation for an operation.

Orders and Commands

These are to help train our Core in discipline, and reaction speed. It's not very often that you'll be asked to march, but nonetheless, you'll have to learn how. I will be drilling you men soon on basic discipline, and basic combat skills.

Attention!- All Militia will face towards the speaker, and emote *Stands at Attention* *snaps to* They are to stand ONE PACE in front of the caller.

Sound Off!- All Soldiers say their rank THEN name out loud.

Right/Left/About Face- These are the tricky ones. When ordered, you are to face the direction specified. So if you are facing north, and you are told to do Right Face, you turn east. If left face, you turn west. It's all relative to your character, not the player.

Single line- One line facing towards the formation leader, one pace in front.

Double Line- The line is split from a single line, to a double line, and it is to be lined up evenly. No lopsided lines boys and girls.

Double Column/Single Column!- if this is called, you are to Form a collumn. a collumn is like the opposite of a line. Instead of facing the broad side of the line, You instead face an end of the line. You form it facing the leader.

Present Arms!- All Soldiers Salute.

Parade Arms!- All men are to equip either: A Halberd for swordsmen, a Warhammer for macers, or a spear for fencers.

Ready Arms!- Go into warmode.

Forward March!- The formation will move as a whole in the specified direction, moving at one step per second. So you take a step, then say in your mind "one banana" then take another step. You are never to pass up the man in front of you.

March!- You follow the leader at a walk, always staying behind him!

On Me!- Follow the caller closely, usually used for travel.

Forced March to [Location]- You sprint to the location, and form up upon arriving.

March at the Double!- You follow the leader at a run, keeping behind him

Rearguard!- You tell a man to be rearguard, and he is responsible for staying in the rear of the group on the march, making sure people don't fall behind.

Halt!- Stop marchin' (or whatever you're doing)

Duck and Cover!- All men scatter and hide in a medium sized circle around the caller. (Is used for Ambushes so make sure you stay on screen!)

Ranged- Arm ranged weapons, All militia should carry bows and arrows OR Explosion potions.

Bombard ‘em! – All militia men fire at or throw explosion potions at designated target.

Ambush- All men scatter, take out ranged weapons and hide.

At Ease- All men relax. Use emotes such as * leans on weapon* *Relaxes stance* *stands loosely*, May shift their position in line, such as turning, and may speak freely.

Skirmish- use anti greifer tactics, Or if fighting orcs, break all formations and pursue targets as you see fit.

Teach 'Em- Beat down the target.

Corpsman!- Use this to call out for aid when you are wounded. Similar to the *bleedz* of the orcs.

Dismissed!- All men salute to the front, and are then allowed to leave the formation.

Box!- Soldiers form a "box" around the target blocking up, down, left, and right movement.

EX: E- Enemy / X - Soldiers

             X E X

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