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Yew Militia
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CapnNoc (Legendary) 2/23/2010 4:39 PM EST : Ultima Online Militia Roleplay
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Roleplaying Militia (default UO shards/lore)

The Guardians of "The City of Justice" (IE Yew)  are vastly proud people. The thrive on their secluded lands, far from the reaches of noble Knights and politics. These men and women are hard. They are survivors. They are the ones who stayed behind.  They are the ones who fight tooth and nail for their freedoms. They get no help from the powers who left to the brighter side, only their muscles and brawn. These are the guards of The Empath Abbey, the guards of the vast woodlands. These are true men and women of Yew.

-Generally Militia soldiers are not the brightest, they are simple. Regardless, they understand the idea of basic rights.. as Citizens, not peasants. They speak normal Britain language, which is very broken and easy.

-Yewians are very territorial about their homes, and will collect taxes in a heart beat, in demand that civilians pay their dues for the Militias service in protecting Yew.

-Militias are usually kind to civilians, as long as they cooperate and don't cause trouble. Anyone failing to follow through with Militia demands for their services, will be dealt with accordingly.

-Militias would gladly follow Lord British, if he had stayed. But now they consider the king and everyone who left as 'abandoners', who took the road to a free easy life.

-Militias love ale and food.. In the hardships of fellucca, they are a delicacy for drowning out their troubles.

-The citizenry which consist of the Militia generally hate and despise magics, and extra tax is usually demanded from those carrying any magical artifacts or items, such as spell books, unless officially sanctified by the church or the Militia Arcanist wing.

-Militias love a gewd fight!  They tend to pass the hours anyway they see fit.  From building taxed roads, or even going to the despised trammel and taxing the richer folks in life!

-The Yew Militia have a strong never ending hate for the undead and orks, both of who desecrate the sacred abbey and the woods daily. It is a never ending war, that the citizens have banded together and chosen to fight.  They fight for their homes, not for riches or glory.

Roleplaying a Militia ..when your not dieing!

- TAX! Militia always need new gold supplies.  The citizens of yew are at the protection of the Militia, but even Militias need gold supply. Generally ask for 30 gold in tax. Why?  Because your there to fend off the orc hordes and ded heds! You put your life on the line for them. So make roadblocks...block the abbey... demand tax before letting them in!

-Scout. Always keep an active eye on the undead and orks... their numbers are valuable information! Don't go hack and slash...go spy.. keep tabs.  Fight only when cornered. Reporting back with valuable info always bodes well with the officers.

-Build. Make fortifications! Defend the city with vast networks of crate-walls covered in hides and man the garrisons at the gate.

-Resources.. yes we need them. Just like any guild. We need hides, ingots, crates, wood, arrows, bandages, everything. If you don't do it on your own initiative..the Officers might make you anyway!

-DRINK! Ale is always available! Turn every drole moment into an ale chugging contest. Or visit the tavern and drink away. Its a hard life here... ale makes et' all bettah! Guarding our defenses is always funner when drunk!

-Diplomacy- Go explore... talk to other guilds... tell them about us.. we need all the propaganda we can get. Go visit known guilds and locations, you may not be highlighted, but you can still RP!

-Gamble.. bring dice cups.. chess.. whatever.. Militia are still common men and women..and enjoy the simple things in life.  And betting and bartering happen to be one of them. Gold is always in the air!

-Train..spar..fight..test your skills against other Militia. Militia like to see who's better, and who can hold their own against the orks and ded heds.

-Find a dungeon... it only takes a few militia to get brave enough to explore a dungeon.  We need the gold, and that's where it is! By dungeon crawling your doing the Militia a favor by adding to the coffers.

-Be creative. Odds are if your doing something interesting, everyone else will wanna get involved too.

Old Information - left for guild history

Roleplaying Militia (Rel Por Shard)

The Yew Militia fleet while sailing to engage hostile Orcs on ice isle were caught in a massive portal storm, sending them to the new world of Atria (Rel Por Lore). The bulk of the veteran Militia force arrived in tact, carrying the name with them through this new world. The Yew Militia settles in the north of Atria, in what is know as Arbor. A city bustling with vast Yew-tree's of which the glorious militia earns its namesake.

-Read about the Arbor arrival here: Teleport Storm

-Militia have the option of being a veteran teleport-storm survivor, or being a natural born Atrian looking to serve an honorable outfit.

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