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Yew Militia
House Coldiron, Information    


Greetings. If you have found yourself here in the realm of Coldiron... then you must share our beliefs. Our belief that magery corrupts, magery kills, magery causes our very world to fall apart. We will cleanse the witch. We will purge the heresy from Atria and beyond. Welcome brothers, to the true home of iron.

The brotherhood of Coldiron are not so much a true house, as a collection of brothers under arms united by a single purpose. The brotherhood carries the Coldiron banner proud, being founded by the great forefather Angus Coldiron the First. With the influence of the Avatarian church, Angus Coldiron founded the basic princples of which House Coldiron exists. The House is now run by Padaxes Dreylock, brother to Ventessa of House Dreylock the former wife of Angus Coldiron, married by blood.

Recent events (a story)

The noble templar takes a vow of silence, so that his mental state remains true and focused. Spellcraft requires one to speak the words, and as such, the Templar chooses to deny the temptation. An offshoot of the Avatarian church, Templars see magic as the gateway to evil, unleashing terrible pain on the world. Templars are the strong arm of the House, relying on pure iron and shields to keep them safe. Templars share an intricate sing language to communicate with their brothers in the House, and may write in various ledgers/books.
  • Blood red dyed robes
  • Plate helm and gloves (at the least)
  • Shield at all times (parry)
  • Melee skill
  • Roleplays a mute

Wytch Hunter.
The hunter of those who would otherwise cast terrible spells. Seeking and purging the wytch is the primary goals of the hunter. The main instigators of riots, organizing public burnings and utilizing under-handed methods to succeed in their operations. Typicall Wytch hunters are master archers and prefer to fight from afar, so that they may interrupt wytchs from distance.

  • Dark gray-dyed wide hat (best looking archetypical witch hunter hat)
  • Dark gray cape
  • Blood red sash
  • Thigh boots
  • Preference on archery

Loyalist form the backbone of the House. They come in many shapes and sizes, and aspire to join the ranks of the Templars or the Wytch Hunters. Most entrants to the House are considered Loyalist, to the cause of House Coldiron. They agree to the terms of service, usually enacting sacred blood oaths to bind them forever to the banner.

  • Blood red sash
  • No other reqs, other than 0 magery.

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