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Yew Militia
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Severin Compte
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Born in Minoc and destined to be a miner, Severin was built for strength. Seeing that he did not want to live the routine lifestyle of his elders and brethren, he sought out for something better. On his nomadic journey outside of Minoc he saw nothing but foul decadence; thieves looting and stealing everything in site and murderers brutally mutilating anyone who dared step out of town boundries. At the point in his life where he was starting to accept that this was the way of the world, he stumbled across the town of Yew. A town with structure, driven on good deeds and virtues. Severin looked further and found the driving force behind this sanity was what he has been looking for his whole life: The Yew Militia. Severin realized that once you leave this earth, you own nothing but the places in people's minds that remember you for what you have accomplished on this planet. What better than being a part of the great Yew Militia?!

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AOL Instant Messenger ID: SJDurb

Awarded Medals: Resource Commendation Awarded to soldiers for donating generous resources for the MilitiaLoyalty Commendation Awarded to soldiers for loyalty to the Militia and its allies.Battle Commendation Awarded to soldiers for being a feared opponent on the battlefield.Resource B Certification.Accepted Recruit Badge. Ranger has successfully prepared reqs. for Ambush 1.Basic Orders 1 Certification.Basic Orders 2 Certification.Individual will demonstrate basic understanding of field fighting.  Combat 1 includes successful synthesis of formations 1 and 2, and basic orders 1 and 2 and use of crosshealing in a field situation.At this point, Soldier will have demonstrated his complete understanding of basic formations, orders and tactics. Combat 2 will be a subjective analysis of an individual’s combat readiness and competence in the field.Basic Crosshealing. Recruit will be expected to keep a partner healed amidst a barrage of attackers during a drill situation.Crosshealing 2 Certification.Resource C Certification.Resource D Certification.The soldier will successfully partake in combat in which they assaulted a fortified position, removing the defending force by arms.The soldier will successfully partake in combat in which they defended a fortified position from attack.Individual Combat Cert 1ification

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