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Yew Militia
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Danica Blackmane
Somewhere, Special Interest (None)
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A young hot headed red head, with glaring green eyes. Raised by her father; who was once a high ranking officer in Lord Britishes army, now a simple blacksmith, she seeks the life of adventure. She's not afraid to get down and dirty, or throw a few punches in a drunken stupor. A tomboy for sure, but a woman at the core.

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Character Stats

Awarded Medals: Loyalty Commendation Awarded to soldiers for loyalty to the Militia and its allies.Individual has proven his ability to crossheal in a field situation. He understands how vital a skill it is, and that crosshealing should be ones first instinct in any operation. Come together, do not move, heal your mates, survive.Basic Orders 2 Certification.Individual will demonstrate basic understanding of field fighting.  Combat 1 includes successful synthesis of formations 1 and 2, and basic orders 1 and 2 and use of crosshealing in a field situation.At this point, Soldier will have demonstrated his complete understanding of basic formations, orders and tactics. Combat 2 will be a subjective analysis of an individual’s combat readiness and competence in the field.A truly elite and feared soldier. There is nothing more for the soldier to learn, he has mastered the ways of the Militia. From here he should seek a leadership position, or to hone his individual skills in the art of war to become a legendary soldier of the Yew Militia. Crosshealing 2 Certification.Individual has successfully lead a live combat operation. His leadership has lead to the successful completion of a given task, leading at least two lower ranked division members.Consistent leadership. Individual will take the initiative to organize and run basic drilling when Sergeants or Officers are occupied or not present. Will assist in making sure that lower ranking Militia get their basic training and certifications.Formations 1 Certification.Individual has passed Formations 1. Formations 2 will be the same orders, executed in a field situation. Individual must execute required commands quickly and cleanly, demonstrating the discipline and orderly awareness necessary for a successful field operation. Basic Crosshealing. Recruit will be expected to keep a partner healed amidst a barrage of attackers during a drill situation.Basic Orders 1 Certification.Accepted Recruit Badge. Junior Officer Badge.Sergeant Ranked Badge.The soldier will successfully partake in combat in which they assaulted a fortified position, removing the defending force by arms.The soldier will successfully partake in combat in which they defended a fortified position from attack.Hosted a successful hunting expedition for rallied Militia forces.

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  Vivian De'Wulf
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